Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Choosing the right hot tub

1. What type of Hot Tub do you want?

This is obviously the first issue that needs to be addressed when looking at buying a spa or hot tub. Cheap Hot tubs can be bought from a couple of hundred pounds, or if you are not willing to sacrifice quality, can cost thousands.

Hot tubs can come in many different variations; indoor and outdoor, portable or permanent, sunken and above ground. Before any other questions enter your head, these three options need to be decided.

2. Choosing a respected Hot Tub Manufacturer

When you choose your Hot tub, the manufacturers name can be very important as they often tell us of the hot tubs quality and pedigree. If the spa manufacturer that you choose has a decent reputation and has been trading for many years then you can buy in the knowledge that you are guaranteed a quality product and not just a cheap hot tub.

Respected manufacturers in the UK are Vision, Spa Crest, Waterstream Hot Tubs, Artesian Spa’s, HotSpring Spa’s, Marquis Spa and Hydropool Hot Tubs.

3. Deciding what size and style of Jacuzzi you want?

The size and shape of a hot tub are a very important consideration when choosing and purchasing a hottub. The size factor obviously relies on the available room in your house or back garden for the spa to reside. Spa size also relates to the number of seats that you wish to have in your tub. A 2 person hot tub is always going to be a smaller size than a four or six seated hot tub. The number of seats also has a large bearing on the style of the hot tub. If you want the comfort of bucket seats then the spa will generally be bigger than one with bench seats.

Will your spa be a permanent fixture or a portable blow up hot tub which can be easily deflated and moved to a new position? The permanent options are in ground, sunken hot tubs or above ground hot tub enclosures.

4. Keep an eye on the construction of your hot tub.

It is important to note that if you are choosing a permanent outdoor hot tub then the construction materials should be highly durable and require little or no maintenance whilst standing up to the elements. The good news is that there are many different enclosure styles available that can fit in with your garden and personal tastes whilst enhancing the look of the hot tub.

It is also important when choosing an outdoor spa that a model is chosen that includes full insulation, ensuring maximum retention of heat and obviously cutting the running costs that come with hot tubs.

5. Consider upgraded jets, air blowers and entertainment systems

Different types of Hot tub jets are available on the market that offer different types of massage so if you feel you can splash out then these are the type to go for. My personal preference are jets that have no moving parts but this is from a maintenance and safety perspective.

Air blowers add that therapeutic aspect to your hot tub experience through aromatherapy. If you include an air blown aromatherapy system in your hot tub it infuses your hot tub with millions of sweet smelling air bubbles that explode in to life at the surface, allowing you to enjoy fabulous fragrances as well as relaxing massage.

Additional features such as spillover fountains and waterfalls, surrounded by beautiful lights all add to the romantic atmosphere that can be created in a hot tub. If wthin your budget, you can always look at entertainment systems and features for your hot tub.

6. Test Drive your choice of hot tub before buying.

Don’t be afraid to go into Spa and Hot Tub dealerships and ask to try the product. They normally have different models set up at different times so the minimum that you should try would be a dry run. A wet test run is not always out of the question though – don’t be afraid to have your swim suit on underneath your clothes!

7. Installation

Its always worth checking to see if the spa installation is included in the retail price but this is usually not the case. The dealer may however offer you a discount on installation but its always worth shopping around. Never be afraid to ask though.

8. Check for cheap discounted Hot tub bargains online

Once all your choices are made, its often worth seeing if you can find a cheap or discounted hot tub online. Its always worth checking out with dealers locally so you can see the product with your own eyes and test drive it but everyone now that there is always a bargain to be had online and hot tubs are no exception!

Happy hunting!

Benefits of Hot Tubs

This article looks at the benefits of hot tubs and how they can improve your lifestyle

Family Enjoyment

Hot tubs are a great way to relax with friends and family, whether that is getting the kids away from the television or creating a romantic ambience with your partner.

A hot tub can be a perfect social extension of your living room enabling relaxation and quality family time.

Health Benefits through Hydrotherapy

Bathing in a good quality hot tub or Jacuzzi that has a combined action of air and water massage causes blood vessels to dilate lowering blood pressure, strengthening blood circulation and stimulating the immune system. This is the thermal effect and benefit of Hydrotherapy.

When the body is immersed in a hot spa it can experience a 90% decrease in body weight, similar to that of the feeling of weightlessness. This can help sufferers of Arthritis and Rheumatism as it takes the pressure off the joints and is known to increase mobility as the hot water warms the collagen in the joints, making it more malleable. The relaxation of the bodily muscles have also been known to aid rehabilitation and make the sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Tendonitis more comfortable. Pain relief is the physical effect of Hydrotherapy.

It has recently been discovered that people suffering from type 2 diabetes can also reap the positive effects of hydrotherapy.

Lots of athletes endorse the hydrotherapy benefits of a Jacuzzi after exercise and during rehabilitation of sports injuries. A soak in the hot tub can reduce the lactic acid that can build up in muscles during exercise and increase the blood flow through the muscle repairing damaged tissue.

Hot tub use can also have a positive impact on speed, flexibility and strength.

Stress Relief

Warm water massage and jet therapy can be a therapeutic means to stimulate the body into releasing endorphins that can combat depression and reduce stress in a natural way, beneficially affecting the human psyche and eliminating anxiety and tension. Nothing beats relaxing and being in a good mood!

Hot tubs, as well as leading to the realise of endorphins, can cause a reduction in stress hormones as well such as noradenalin. This can aid suffers of insomnia as the body relaxes, leading to a good nights sleep.

Increasing Home value

A hot tub is extremely likely to add value to your home when selling up and in most cases is very appealing to a new home buyer especially in warmer climates. Hot tubs or spa’s are seen as a real luxury item, yet they are easy to maintain and clean and are not usually a risk for young families as a swimming pool would be because of the ability to cover them up securely.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hot Tubs For Beginners

Welcome to Hot Tubs for Beginners. This site provides tips and techniques for choosing, purchasing and maintaining Hot Tubs.

Here you can find advice on managing and maintaining your hot tub to get the best from it and outlines on what accessories you might need to make your hot tub experience more enjoyable.

Our accessories category offers details on all the latest extras such as covers, cover lifters, steps, head rests and gazebos and whether you really need them or are they just gimmicks.

Our cleaning section contains all the best information you need about chemical and natural sanitising and testing the water in your Hot Tub.

Our maintenance section offers know how on components such as jet / circulation pumps, heaters, filters and lighting as well as how to maintain them, repair them and extend their life.

We hope you will find the information you need to get the best out of your Hot Tub.